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Af ‘n Plaas Restaurant, Stellenbosch

Af ‘n Plaas Restaurant, Stellenbosch – 31/10/13

AfnPlaas - ExteriorSimply meaning ‘a place’ or ‘a farm’ when translated from the Afrikaans, Af ‘n Plaas Restaurant, situated within the Stone Square Centre in Welgevonden, Stellenbosch, exudes simplicity and homeliness.

AAfnPlaas - Interior2nd that is the wonderful thing about Af ‘n Plaas, well one of the wonderful things. Af ‘n Plaas pretends to be nothing but what it is. A family run restaurant that serves hearty, traditional food that is good value and tastes great.

Af ‘n Plaas is not about frills and garnishes and plating, but is all about getting lots of tasty food on your plate, not creating a picture for a magazine. And I love that honesty.

The restaurant itself has a relaxed almost pub feel to it, the staff are friendly and efficient and the menu is full of delicious dishes that are familiar to most South Africans. The unobstructed view over a huge dam only adds to the attraction of Af ‘n Plaas.

AfnPlaas - StarterFor my starter I selected the peri peri chicken livers, a real favourite of mine and at R25, seemingly a good price. My concern always with peri peri chicken livers is the tendency in some restaurants to overdo the peri peri part to the degree that the flavour of the livers is undetectable. The Peri peri chicken livers at Af ‘n Plaas were perfectly spiced. The flavour of the deliciously plump and juicy livers was divine, the heat of the peri peri just right. The portion size was huge, too big for a starter, for me anyway.

Though it was a rather dreary and rainy Thursday lunchtime, there was a continual stream of patrons, many of them seemingly regulars, which is always good to see and a good indication of the quality of the food and the popularity of the venue.

AfnPlaas - Main CourseFor my main course I decided on the two hundred gram sirloin steak with chips and onion rings on the menu at R55. The consistency of sirloin steak has always been a challenge for me, it can sometimes be the most delicious and flavoursome cut and sometimes it can be chewy and tough. After checking with the Chef and receiving assurances that this was indeed a good piece of sirloin, I ordered mine medium rare.

The sirloin was spot on, a juicy and tasty cut of meat cooked to perfection. The onion rings were amazing as were the chips.

I am so glad I chose the sirloin, I was certainly not in slightest disappointed.

Af ‘n Plaas prides itself in cooking everything fresh, on their website it boldly states that it is not a McDonald’s, and good food, cooked from fresh takes time. I liked the fact that they informed you from the start, I was prepared to wait, in fact I always am happy to wait for good food.

AfnPlaas - DessertFor my dessert I chose the pancakes with caramel and cream, at R25 on the menu and a favourite dessert of mine, I could not resist.

The home-made pancakes were light, the filling was sweet and heavenly and as with every other dish I ate at Af ‘n Plaas, it was great value for money.

If you are looking for a formal eating venue that specialises in the fancy plating of dishes or fills your plate artistically with garnish, perhaps Af ‘n Plaas is not the restaurant for you. If however you love good home-made food, generous portion sizes, great prices and good, friendly service, Af ‘n Plaas is definitely the place to go to. I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful restaurant, I will certainly be returning.

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